Monday, January 7, 2013

Google’s New Director (Engg) Ray Kurzweil Building ‘Cybernetic Friend’

The Search Engines are complex things, designed to dig out what a user really want. But sometimes the result are simply 180 degrees out of what a user was looking for. This thus requires of the search engines an elaborate system designed exclusive to the users' requirement - rather it will not be wrong to say that the search engine must read the mind of the user, not simply the query entered in the search box.

Google is one the biggest search engine, preferred over by a dozens of others, by millions of users every minute around the world. In order to address the search related issues, Google's new Direcetor of Engineering and the world's renowned artificial intelligence expert Ray Kurzweil, wants to build a search engine so sophisticated that it could act like a ‘cybernetic friend,’ who knows users better than they know themselves.

“I envision in some years that the majority of search queries will be answered without you actually asking,” he said at an intimate gathering at Singularity University’s NASA campus.

“Google is quite unique,” explains Kurzweil, on his decision to head to the search giant, rather than venture out on his own. “It fundamentally deals with language.”

Language, Kurzweil argues, is the window to creating a genuine artificial brain, that can understand the meaning of ideas and concepts. “If you write a blog post, you’re not just creating a bag of words, you’re creating some meaningful sentences.” For now, search engines have brute-force algorithms that pick out key words in popular pages and hope that the results, on average, will yield the best information.

Read more about it at: Tech Crunch
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