Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top 10 Laptops of 2012

The year 2012 is nearing its end, not the end predicted by the Chinese Mayan people on 21 December, but the usual natural ending on 31 December, and reviws of years erormance both from consumers' oint of view and that of the businessmen is alread underway.

We at Silicon Buzzard are sharing the 2012(in)Review regularly. Prior to this post we shared the Top 5 Tech Products and Top Accessories of 2012. Now, here we are with the Top 10 laptops of 2012 by Gizmo Crazed. 

The list shares three big names; Apple, Samsung and Acer beside others. 

Some of the top 10 laptops of 2012

The list of Top 10 Laptops given herein under is in jumbled form so that you could answer the question given at he end of this post:

  • Alienware M17x
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
  • Apple Macbook Air
  • Asus Zenbook Prime (UX32VD)
  • Toshiba U925t Satellite
  • Acer Aspire S7
  • Lenovo’s ThinkPad X230
  • Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display
  • Samsung Series 9
  • Lenovo Yoga
The list above is in jumbled form. Can you guess which lap tops tops the list and which one hits the rock bottom?

Having made your list, see whether Gizmo Crazed's listing order, given HERE, matches yours!!  Also read about each of the names given above and see for yourself why one is preferred over the other.

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