Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tiny Portable Printer for Your Quicky Printing Needs

Printer for smartphone - Do I sound crazy?

Well for you may be, if you haven't heard about it already - Scroll down for video

Yes there is a tiny, portable, smart, and elegant printer available that you may carry in your briefcase, in your jacket pocket or your purse (ladies only).

Called the mPrinter, this revolutionary simple, aesthetically designed analogue printer can be used with either Javascript or a standard WYSIWYG text editor. The mPrinter can print the weather, news alerts, shopping lists, puzzles and more through your Wi-Fi connection.

The mPrinter has the potential to bridge our digital and non-digital lives.

The mPrinter is in fact a small thermal printer that prints dynamic snippets of information, what we will call the mPrints. Now you can print straight to the printer from any Wi-Fi device, including cell phones, print a web page by adding a single line of code to the HTML source, or program dynamic content we call mPrints using JavaScript.

USB-only mPrinters connect to your computer (Mac and Windows at launch) via USB.  WiFi mPrinters contain a small built-in web server and connect to your network (or adhoc device) via WiFi.  You can configure your WiFi mPrinter via its web interface, or USB.


All mPrinter models have built-in charging circuitry and a battery compartment for an optional LiPo battery, which will be available for purchase separately after we have evaluated suppliers.

Currently 2" wide print heads are being produced. However, if the response to these tiny printer is enormous, soon these will upgraded to extra-wide 3" print head.

Watch the video below and see this revolutionary device for your urgent printing needs:

mPrinter: Tiny Portable Printer for Your Quicky Printing Needs

Read more about it and the inventor at: Kick Starter

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