Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tiny Portable Streaming Projector

Just yesterday I shared mPrinter, an amazingly smart and tiny printer for our immediate needs that can easily be carried in jacket pocket or a ladies' purse.

Today, I share another tiny device - the Streaming video projector manufactured by famous 3M, powered by Roku.

3M tiny streaming projector with Roku device: you can imagine the size of the projector when compared with the Roku device

Like the mPrinter, 3M has sized the projector so precisely that it has been able to strike just the right balance between for light weight for 'handy' portability and just enough heft to let you know you’re not dealing with a kid’s toy. The projector measures roughly 2 x 4 x 4.5 (H x W x D – in inches) and weighs a mere pound. While it may not fit in your pocket, it will certainly stash away conveniently in a backpack, overnight bag or suitcase, writes Caleb Denison at Digital Trends.

The 3M streaming projector comes packed with a rechargeable battery, which the manufacturer claims will run for “over two hours”. The projector is rated to output 60 lumens which, while not a lot, is a touch better than most competing mini-projectors. The one notable exception to this rule is a projector made by AAXA which boasts 110 lumen output, but is all but unavailable.


When this tiny projector is used in conjunction with Roku, its performance and 'ability' enhances manifold.

Do not know what a Roku device is? Well the Roku streaming stick is essentially a Roku box packed into what looks like an over sized thumb drive. On the end, however, is an HDMI plug. Using the projector’s included remote or a free mobile app from Roku, users can navigate to over 600 channels of content and watch it all on the projector — or any TV or monitor with an HDMI inputs, for that matter.

For just $300, the 3M Streaming projector - Roku stick combo, looks affordable when weighed against the dividends this tiny device accrues in our practical life.

Read more about it at: Digital Trends

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