Thursday, December 20, 2012

No more Java 6 Updates from 19 February 2013

Oracle, the developers of Java have announced that with effect from 19 February 2013, no updates for Java 6 will be available except for  enterprises with contract support plans will receive security updates.

This has been disclosed by official Oracle website.

The notice implies that users and businesses should upgrade to Java 7 to avoid any inconveniences. 

Who should be more concerned  Computer World forewarns that Java 6's support death presents special problems for Mac users. While Java 7 runs on all current editions of Windows, including the 11-year-old Windows XP, it requires OS X 10.7, aka Lion, or its successor, Mountain Lion, on Macs.


Jason Miller, manager of research and development at VMware warns that:
"If you're not able to upgrade [to Java 7], you'd better have some pretty deep in-depth defenses in place."

Read more about it at: Computer World

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