Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top five most influential tech products of 2012

I have shared a number of posts regarding top tech things, laptops and accessories that made headlines during the year 2012.

Today, it is the time to talk about the most influential tech products that made ripples throughout the year 2012. C|net has compiled a list of five such most influential tech products as listed below:

Windows 8 - the Industry shaker
We all know that Windows 8, initially resisted by many, has made its presence finally felt very hard.  Its multiple iterations forced hardware manufacturers down the road to a completely different UI built around the startlingly different-looking interface.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Smartphone leading the Android charge
Nothing more can be said about this Android leader, due its clever marketing campaign made this phone the first ubiquitous non-iPhone since the BlackBerry.

Microsoft Surface - the Metro Vanguard
Why C|net has labeled it as a vanguard, see what CNET's Eric Franklin says in his review of Microsoft's risky, experimental Windows 8 tablet, the Windows RT hardware "takes a legitimate swing at replacing your computer and comes closer to hitting the mark than any tablet before it."


Google Nexus 7, the price warrior
Nexus 7 captured our third favorite product of the year, the Nexus 7 also makes a bold statement about exactly how low tablet price tags can go.

MakerBot 3D Replicator - the invention engine
Ask me the best out of five - it is the MakerBot, which opens mind-boggling possibilities for people who like to invent for fun, for work, or for any other reason. This is the first truly commercial home 3D printer at a price within reach for many. For $2,000 and the cost of materials, you can print pretty much anything you can design, from toys to jewelry. Inventors use these printers for prototyping, and crafters use them for embellishment. 

Read more about each of the five influential tech products of 2012 at C|net

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