Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Selected HTC Gadgets to get Android Jelly Bean?

Android JB has become a popular 'in' things for the digital deceives like the smartphones and tablets. HTC which is one of the emerging major brand names has also decided to join the Android race, according to an Intel originating via Twitter, as reported by Wahaab JB at Chip Hazard.

To be exact, the information first appeared via @Football4PDA, an infamous and rather trustworthy source of leaks and rumors that has provided us in the past with quite a number of precious and accurate pieces when it comes to HTC-related info.


The eight HTC devices selected for Android JB as reported by @Football4PDA are as under:
  1. Evitare, a.k.a  LTE version of One X+. It already runs Android 4.1 so it might receive Android 4.2 if this source is to be taken into consideration.
  2. Evita, a.k.a One XL. 
  3. Fireball, aka Droid Incredible 4G LTE.
  4. Jewel, a.k.a EVO 4G LTE . US carrier-exclusive smartphone available on Sprint carrier.
  5. Totem C2, a.k.a One VX. Also a US carrier-exclusive smartphone available on AT&T carrier.
  6. Ville, a.k.a One S.
  7. C2, a.k.a One S C2.
  8. Valente, aka  J ISW13HT.  
The devices mentioned are the K2 or the One SV which despite being scheduled to arrive Europe earlier haven’t released yet so they might come with Jelly Bean update on board. Looks like until and unless HTC doesn’t speak on this information, we’ll just have to take Football’s word for now. We’ll uncover more regarding the matter when there’s new development regarding the matter.

Read more about it at: Chip Hazard

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