Monday, December 10, 2012

Twitter introduces Photo Color Filters to Counter Instagram / Facebbok

Twitter has demonstrated its ability to add color filters to user-uploaded photos Monday, something that seems as a quid pro quo to the Instagram, a photo service acquired by the Facebook.

Twitter's new release came days after Instagram unexpectedly said it would no longer allow Twitter to display Instagram photos within Twitter messages. The reason, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said, was to drive visitors to Instagram's own website.

As per Reuters:
"Although the new filters represent a modest product announcement affecting a small slice of Twitter's overall user experience, the move carries symbolic weight in the escalating battle between Facebook and Twitter for dominance in the social media sector."

Twitter's new photo effects will be incorporated as part of an update to the Twitter's iPhone and Android apps, available beginning Monday, the company said.

Read more about it at: Reuters

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