Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 10 Most Important Tech Stories of 2012

The year 2012 is about to fade away not many days from hence. In this year, we saw the technology and tech things at their height. Everyday there was a new invention, a new add up, a new app or a new legal battle. We also saw departure of Steve Jobs after a meaningful life that was most tech rewarding.

But let me say that 2012 set forth the pace for the following years for the advancement of technology and in time we shall see much more advanced tech things coming up, thanks to 2012. But behind each success story there were things that a few knew or noticed.

Here in under are Ten of the top tech stories that made headlines during 1012:

  1. Samsung vs Apple
  2. windows 8
  3. Mobile usages reach tipping point
  4. Tablets go mainstream
  5. New fronts in the tech wars
  6. Samsung galaxy S3
  7. Apple iPhone5
  8. Foxconn charge with poor working conditions
  9. Facebook's IPO
  10. Tim Cook


Not enough? Well these are just the 10 top tech stories as sifted and tabulated by C|net. Actually  these ten stories are part of the 100 important tech stories this year tabulated by C|net.

It would be worthwhile to read about not only the Top 10 most important tech stories listed above but also the remaining 90 stories that need to be read about too.

Read about the Top 10 Most important stories given above and the remaining 90 important stories HERE

via C|net

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