Friday, December 21, 2012

Mayfair: The 20th Instagram filter added to iPhone App

Instagram has had a rather tougher week when it announced amendment to its policies, that generated a wrath for Instagram. Having hurriedly retracted, which was the best thing Instagram could, Instagram not only announced that the old policy will come into effect from 19 January 2013, but also added something new to pacify its users.

Mayfair Filter [Credit: Mashable]

The update brings about a brand new photo filter, "Mayfair" - the 20th filter so far. The update also allows the log in to Instagram via Facebook, for the first time,  without having to connect the two services in your settings.

It may be added that Instagram's previous update, just 10 days ago, also added a new filter, "Willow". This is a veritable flurry of new filters by Instagram's standards; prior to Willow, the app hadn't added any new filters since September 2011.

Read more about it at: Mashable

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This is a veritable flurry of buy instagram likes and followers new filters by Instagram's standards;

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