Friday, December 21, 2012

All Windows Phone 7.5 Samsung handsets to get Windows Phone 7.8

Good news for all Samsung Handset owners with Windows 7.5!!

All Samsung users with Windows 7.5 are to get an update: Although not Windows 8, but just short of it. The update is Windows 7.8

Contrary to the promise of an eventual Windows Phone 7.8 update to all Windows Phone 7.5 handsets the chart notes the Samsung Omnia W will not go beyond 7.10.8107.7.

Now Windows Phone Italy has been able to confirm with Samsung’s technical department that this was definitely not the case, with Samsung saying:
We can confirm that our products carrying the Windows Phone version 7.5 , are updated the [version] 7.8 but will be made ??available with terms decided by Microsoft.

So while the users will have to be contended with Windows 7.8 and not Windows 8 as they were expecting, at least they have something new and better than 7-5. But what is the catch behind 'terms decided by Microsoft?'

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