Friday, December 21, 2012

Google explains use of its Map App for iPhone in 10 easy steps

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When the iPhone users, sadly disappointed by Apple's Map Apps, learnt that Google has finally launched its own Map App for the iPhone, everyone seemed happy and hoped to reach their correct destinations.

Now Google has issued a 10-step easy to use google Map App guide foo the iPhone users. The guide also inlcudes many features of the Google Map App many users many not have known before.

Herein under is the 10-Step quick guide to use and take best advantage from your Google Map App:

Place Pin on Map

Place Pin on the Map
To drop a pin, simply press and hold any location on the map. Tap the resulting info sheet for additional options such as saving the location or accessing Street View (if available).

Street View
To see panoramic Street View images, press and hold any location on the map, tap the info sheet, and then tap the image. Explore as if you're there by tapping the look-around icon (on the bottom left) and moving or tilting your phone.

Shake to Send Feedback
Help us improve the map and our application. If you find something that needs to be updated (like a closed road or a business that has moved) or if you have suggestions, just give your iPhone a shake and send us feedback.


Swipe to See More
Whether searching or getting directions, swipe the info sheet to the left or right to browse additional results. Find one you like? Tap it or swipe it up to see more details (e.g. a business' hours or transit stops).

Access Views

Access Views
Satellite, traffic and public transit views are easy to access by tapping the three dots at the bottom right or by swiping from right to left with two fingers.

Preview steps in Navigation (Beta)
In Navigation (Beta) mode, preview the upcoming route by swiping the top bar to the left (tap Resume to return to the start). Tap the bottom bar to switch between your estimated travel time and the remaining miles.

1 Finger Zoom
To zoom in and out with one finger, double-tap a location, hold the second tap, and drag your finger up or down.

Work & Home
Get home or get to work quickly by saving these locations. Tap the My profile button (next to the search box) to save them across all your devices.

Compass Mode

Compass Mode
Reading the map is easier when it’s facing the same direction you are facing. Use compass mode to orient yourself by tapping on the My location button twice on the bottom left of your screen.

Save a place
Save your favorite places to get quick access. Saved places sync across all of your devices and will appear on the map and on your search results. To save a place tap the star icon on a location or place info sheet.

The above steps are only the quickies - for details and interactive photos, visit the Google Maps.

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