Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surface Windows eats up storage space more than you can imagine

If you think you have a lot of storage on your Windows Surface Tab, you are wrong.

In fact the Windowss installed on a 64GB model leaves you with only 46GM storage place - surprised?

Well you should have known that Windows has a bad reputation for gobbling up storage space on PCs - this includes Windows Surface Tab now as well.

The $499 32GB Surface tablet actually leaves you with only 16GB free storage space for things like music, photos, and videos, according to Microsoft documentation.


So, what's devouring all of that flash storage space? On a 32GB Surface, Windows reports 29GB available. Subtract 5GB for Windows recovery tools, then another 8GB for Windows RT, Microsoft Office, and built-in apps. That leaves 16GB for the user.

Read more about it at: C|net


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