Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Three steps to effectively rebrand your social media profile

The impact of social media on our daily lives is enormous. In fact without being on Facebook or Twitter, one just finds oneself all alone or should I say left out of from the rest.

And if you hapen to be resting your business on social media network, you need to exactly know how to brand your profile to assist and aid your business - and life!!

But before you start considering the re-branding of your profile, which is a colossal effort, be sure you really want to do it.

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According to Luke Brassinga of Likeable Brands, “True re-branding involves updating a company’s goals, message and culture.”

In fact, re-branding is best suited for companies that are:

  • Changing their overall structure (perhaps as the result of a merger or acquisition).
  • Substantially diversifying their product offerings (to the point where the existing identity is no longer applicable).
  • Addressing business aspects that are outdated or failed.

So if you fall in the above categories of companies and have decided re-branding of your company's pile, take following three steps:


Step #1: Do Your Due Diligence
Step #2: Understand Social Network Limitations
Step #3: Communicate Clearly to Your Customers

Well these are the three steps you need to take to effectively rebrand your social media pofiles.

But to know how to take these steps, read details at Social Media Examiner


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