Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tab Market: Apple shares slashed to 50%

The smartphone and tablet market has never been so volatile as it is today. With so many gadgets appearing to leave an edge over the other, the market share are bound to be affected.

Since the compeition is on the rise and now that besides Apple and Samsung, Google and Windows have also jumped into grab handosme market shares, it looks Apple is going to be the loser in the end.

Apple with its unique brand with absolute monopoly has to brace itself against much dynamic Android based market where Samsung is holding the major share, followed by Google and now Microsoft too.


A market analysis show that Apple's market share have fallen to 50% in the third quarter as its iPad is pitched against much competitive Samsung Galaxy, Google's Nexus and even Microsoft's Surface, as reported by IBN.

The drop in Apple's shares has benefitted Samsung whose shares have jumped to 18% from 7%. The same growth is being witnessed in Amazon and Asus Tek Computer Inc.

Now it is to be seen whether the launch of iPad Mini tilts the market back into its favour or not.


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