Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is Acer hurting itself by Criticizing Microsoft Tablet - Surface launch?

Microsoft has so far been known for its Windows and software related stuff since its inception. However lately the software giant Microsoft has stepped into the world of hardware by launching the Microsoft Tablet - Surface.

Microsoft's Surface Tablet has 'hurt' Acer and its Netbook sales

This 'digression' from its traditional role and jumping into the world of hardware has 'hurt and annoyed' many hardware manufacturers, specially Acer. The low-cost Netbook manufacturing company from Taiwan has recently been very vocal by Microsoft for taking a share of hardware world by developing its own Tablet. Acer is of the view that Microsoft should stick to its software world and leave the hardware to those already in the field.

Although the decion by Microsoft has 'hurt' and upset many hardware manufactuerers, Acer has been very vocal as Microsoft surprised everyone and announced the launching of its own tablet just a few days before the launch.

"It creates an impression Acer can't compete," said Rob Enderle of tech research firm Enderle Group. "And it pisses off Microsoft."


So what Acer has got in return? Well market analysis show an decline in Acer shipments lately as its own Netbook market has already been hampered by the launch of Apple's iPhone. Now with the launch of Microsoft's Tablet, the 'hurt' would be visible more in the shape of declining market share and profits by Acer.

Acer's executive and President for Greater China, Linxian Lang, has just resorted to a food metaphor to emphasize the point, warning that Redmond will have to eat "hard rice" with Surface,  implying that it should stick to its more readily-chewed software diet. 

While many see Acer as the lone warrior against Microsoft and 'commend' its onslaught, others believe that it would not only hurt Acer's image but would also hurt its relations with Microsoft, whom Acer has been an ally for years.


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