Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Camera test iPhone SE vs. 13 Pro

Of the iPhones in the market, the best camera options can be found in the latest iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

Lexy Savvides  of c|net claims that these iPhones promise 4k video recording and offer an ultrawide and a 3x telephoto lens. The iPhone 13 Pro also has a larger image sensor than the iPhone SE on its main wide camera, which means that you can get a more shallow depth of field in some shots.

Both phones also use Deep Fusion, an image processing technique designed to help improve detail and clarity in medium to low-light shots. It can be said that present model of iPhone SE promises delightful details n medium to low-light conditions than the SE from 2020, which is using the same hardware but with a different image processing pipeline.

Watch a comparative video:

Source / Read more about it at: c|tech

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