Sunday, November 28, 2021

Green Line on Videos shared to WhatsApp by updated Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Just yesterday I had written and shared a post on "My Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G" and boasted of its many features. I also mentioned its latest updating to android 12 and said that let us see whether all bugs previous to this update are being addressed or not.

But before getting into details a new bug has been noticed when sharing videos on WhatsApp, as can be seen in the screen shot capture above. I shared a video and the recipient asked that was my phone camera Ok as the video showed a green vertical line to its left. Alarmed, I surfed the net and there were many similar complaints. It is unclear whether the bug is due to Android 12 update or with WhatsApp!!

I joined a Samsung community and shared my concern, where already a large number complains had already been registered. However, thanks to the Samsung, as I got an e-mail tell me:
Re: Green line on WhatsApp Video shares
It's an issue with the video resolution during compression. If you switch from FHD to UHD video the green line goes away when sending videos on WhatsApp. 
But when sharing on WhatsApp, I don't find any option of UHD. There is only option of converting FHD to UHD except actual size. Has anyone solved the mystery as yet? If so please share in comment box

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