Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Top 15 Mobile Phones in the US for 2018

Many people have the obsession of having the 'latest' mobile phone and would be looking for any new flagship appearing in the market shelves and instantly buying these.

But for me, the best mobile phone for me is the one that suits my requirements like the RAM, the storage capacity, and its speed. I would no die to have the latest iPhone or Samsung, rather I would even settle for something new that is still making its place in the market and is in fact technically better that the drumbeat flagships by Apple or Samsung.

I recently came upon a listing about top 15 mobile phones being preferred by mobile lovers in the USA - and surprisingly Apple doesn't figure out prominently.

Here are the top 15 mobile phones as assessed by Matt Swider at TechRadar in his post dated 28th August 2018:
1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
2. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
3. iPhone X
4. Samsung Galaxy S9
5. Google Pixel 2 XL
6. OnePlus 6
7. LG G7 ThinQ
8. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
9. LG V30
10. Samsung Galaxy S8
11. iPhone 8 Plus
12. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
13. iPhone 8
14. Google Pixel 2
15. OnePlus 5T

Are you happy about the position of your mobile? Well I am not. But let us see how does Matt Swider  justify his listing, please details about each mobile, its features and the why of its position in the ranking here

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