Wednesday, October 3, 2018

OnePlus 6 - an emerging powerful smartphone from China

When I first heard of One Plus series from my son couple of years ago, I thought it was too heavy fro me to use. Then one day, my son presented me OnePlus 5T and I instantly fell in love with it with its 64 GB RAM and 128 GM storage capacity. Whosoever sees my mobile and its specs in the its buy-able price range, he is nothing but impressed.

Now OnePlus 6 is in the market - something the OnePlus lovers would love to have it.  OnePlus 6 — with the near impossible: compete with the iPhone X on style, competes with the Galaxy S9 on performance,  and just less than $600.

As for the specs and its features I dont have to say much - just see the video below:

are you sweating to have OnePlus 6 to have a powerful cellphone in your hand at an affordable price?

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