Wednesday, November 8, 2017

iPhone X: The Most Breakable iPhone Ever

Everyone seems to be rushing to buy iPhone X - the latest from Apple. But is it worth it, specially if you have a habit of dropping your phone much too often?

Well if you are, then there are bad news that you should not own iPhone X as the series of drop tests show that this very expensive phone, costing a dollar less than one thousand, is the worst phone ever when it comes to dropping it from 6 feet.

Don't believe me - well scroll down for the video below to see the drop tests and you will dismayed by the Apple's claims about the durability of its screen and back cover.

But here just a few results:
  • The back down drop test from 6 feet showed a shattered loose glass with splintering effect.
  • Side drop test from same height resulted into OLED screen malfunction with edge scratches, home swipe failure and display separation.
  • And the tumble test for 60 seconds resulted into Face ID failure, Home swipe failure beside being shattered and splintered.
Do you expect such an expensive phone shattering and splintering with number of malfunctions just in ONE SINGLE drop? Well I wouldn't as I am no Saudi prince.

Watch the drop test video now:

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