Tuesday, November 7, 2017

China leaves behind USA in Drone Technology

USA has been, though very recently, boasting of its superiority in drone technology and its drones have virtually no rival around the globe - but not any more.

China, which has taken over the world economic activity and boats of its product hegemony all over the world, has now started to threaten the USA in military gadgets and hardware as well. And in the field of surveillance drones, it seems to have outclassed the American hegemony and technology.

China has recently unveiled a surveillance drone that can operate almost 12.5 miles above sea level, far beyond the range of all types of anti aircraft defenses. Thus far, American RQ-4 Global Hawk has been the highest-flying drone that could operate at altitudes of 60,000 feet. But in a recent test, Chinese engineers surpassed that, flying an experimental drone at 82,000 feet, reports Euge K Chow.

Dubbed a drone “death zone” as the air at this elevation makes it difficult to generate lift and extremely low temperatures cause electrical equipment like batteries to fail. These cheap yet stealthy high altitude drones put China ahead of Americans in near space race.


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