Monday, October 12, 2015

Mind your posture while sitting on your desktop

Computer has become an important part of almost everyone working or studying or even leisuring. But sitting for prolonged periods of time often makes us slip down with a bent back and extended legs - making our posture extremely dangerous for our good health, specialty health of our spine and eyes.

Despite many videos and warning pics, most of us ignore our posture and prefer a sitting position that almost resembles to lying down in front of the computer with the computer screen screen too low, and thus gazing it down - rather than looking up.

I came across an interesting video and thought of sharing with my readers as to how to sit when working on computer. Some simple adjustments in our posture can make us healthy and active rather than sluggish and suffering from pains in many parts of our body, specially the spine.

Watch the video below and be ensure a health posture  - lest you also  join the club of a majority of people who suffer from many ailments just becasue of a bad posture.

I am sure you can do it for your own good and health.

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