Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beware of the Killer USB that can instantly FRY your laptop or TV

We have fallen in love with the USBs after those torturing floppy disks that had the 'knack' of refusing to be read and embarrassing the users or destroying the data forever.

Since the advent of the USBs, life seems easy as these tiny gadgets with storage capacity in 64 or even 128 GBs are easy to carry and used instantly.

But wait now - there is a caution: Russian hackers have developed a USB that when plugged into your laptop or TV can send 220 volts and literally FRY your gadget that it is plugged into. However, the frying of gadgets motherboard does not include the hard disk and you have your data saved at least.

As reported by the Daily Mail, this killer USB sends 220 Volts through the signal lines of the USB interface, rendering anything it is plugging into useless. The Russian security researcher known as 'Dark Purple' who created the stick has even posted a video of it in action - killing his laptop in the process.

Watch the video below:

So be warned!! Do not use USBs of unknown origin into your gadgets - lest you want to see its fried and still not be palatable!!


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