Friday, September 25, 2015

Its Apples everywhere as iPhones 6s hit the shelves

So finally it is on the shelves - the Apple's newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The off the shelf sale came when the initial stocks of the iPhone 6s range sold out completely online this week.

Out of the 12 countries where the Apples occupied all shelves on the first day of launch, Australia was the first country. Many interesting scenes were witnessed including a woman using a robot to stand in the queue for her. She had been controlling it remotely from her home and watching via an iPad screen. 

Other countries where the new iPhone 6s would be launched include China, Japan, the UK, Germany and France.

In London, the first fans started queuing outside Covent Garden on Monday, while in Cardiff, Wales, Shahzad Nawaz was the first in line for the new model. Meanwhile, one fan in Germany camped out in Munich for five days to get hold of an iPhone 6s.


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