Saturday, September 26, 2015

Have a round trip of Mars with just one tank of fuel

Graphical illustration of how an ion thruster works by hurling particles backwards so that a spacecraft can be propelled forwards

You wouldn't believe it if someone tells you that you can have a round trip of Mars with just a tank full of fuel. But a Ph D student at University of Sydney Australia has an idea.

Paddy Neumann has created a new type of ion space drive that could take humans to Mars and back on a single tank of fuel and believes his ion space drive Nasa's shatters current fuel efficiency record. 

The Neumann ion drive works by bombarding the fuel source with electric arcs, which causes ions be discarded. 

The innovative part of Neumann's drive is the type of fuel that was used. While HiPEP system runs on xenon gas, Neumann's ion drive can instead run on various metals many of which can be found in space junk.

Read in detail about Paddy's Ion Drive at Daily Mail

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