Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Aluminium batteries for smartphones that can be charged in a minute

Battery charging time is a a dilemma for the smartphone users, specially if one is in a hurry to use one's phone. But such thing may only be of the present - not of future as U.S. scientists have reportedly invented a cheap, long-lasting and flexible battery made of aluminum that can be charged in as little as one minute.

The researchers are confident that the new aluminum-ion battery has the potential to replace lithium-ion batteries, used in millions of laptops and mobile phones.

It may be added that the present lithium-ion batteries take much longer time to charge and discharge rapidly if the phone is used 'heavily.' Further more, these also catch fire while charging or also while in use. 

But the new invention based on aluminum are said to be fire hazard free and can even be bent or folded.

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