Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pirates will also get Windows 10 for free

The new Windows numbered 10 is expected to be released this summer. As per detailed issued by Microsoft, the new OS will launch in 190 countries in 111 languages starting with China.

One of the best benefit of the new Windows 10 is it will take up less hard disk space compared to the previous iterations of Windows. Thus Windows 10 is expected to reduce the Windows installation size by more than 6GBs.

Well this mouth watering feature will tempt everyone to have the new version of the Windows this summer. 
But this is not the big news.

The big news is that Microsoft will upgrade ALL Windows 7 and 8.1 users to Windows 10 free-of-cost throughout the first year and regardless of whether they have a genuine Windows or not. Microsoft is attempting to fight the piracy in Asian markets especially in China where two-thirds of the OS market is made of pirated versions.

So even if you have a pirated version of the Windows, you shall still have the new version for free - something that is a gift from Microsoft to all Windows OS users.


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