Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lollipop update for Galaxy S5 reissued by Verizon

Lollipop (Android 5.0) has become a passion since its first appearance in February last month and every Samsung user longs to have its Samsung phone OS updated to Lollipop.

It was Verizon that first released the update almost unannounced and many Verizon customers could not take advantage of the opportunity.

Now the news is that a new update on previous version of Lollipop is being made available by Verizon, serial number G900VVRU1BOA4. The new version would update the previous Lollipop version serial number G900VVRU1BNLC.

All users of Galaxy though need to understand two things about the Lollipop update, says Deidre R at Sammombile:

  • First, Verizon appears to have added back the Download Booster it removed from the device software when the Galaxy S5 first arrived on the network in April 2014. 
  • Next, keep in mind that reducing your volume on the device will activate a new “Interruptions” mode that will block phone calls and other notifications from as little as 15 minutes to “indefinitely.” Such is the price we pay for Google’s latest.

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