Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fool's Prank - Google map turns into Pac-Man

OK today is the 1st of April - a day for some unknown historical linkages is known for be-fooling the people, friends and others only to add a little fun in life. Though sometimes people exceed limits of fun of the day and even harm people by their serious jokes and pranks.

But Google this year has come up with something funnier - bringing back the Pac-Man to its world famous Google maps.

As reported by Mashable, Google has turned to our childhood friend, Pac-Man, to help all those lost, foolish souls navigate their way around — just for April 1.

As part of its barrage of April Fools' pranks, Google Maps has created a hack that lets users turn any city into the pixelated, classic arcade game, complete with multi-colored ghosts and iconic music. Simply click on the icon on the lower left of the screen to begin playing in your desktop browser.

Read more about it at Mashable

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