Saturday, February 7, 2015

Google glass is to be redesigned

Google Glass Beta version at $ 1,500

When Google unveiled its wonder glass a few years back, many thought that now people will be navigated to their destinations just like the navigation of  BMW car. and despite its hefty price tag, many really awaited this glass to be made public so as to enjoy another dimension of viewing the world through it.

But stop: Google isn't satisfied yet to go ahead with the launching of this glass and is actually decided to redesign its headset.

In fact Glass' new boss Tony Fadell wants to redesign the headset from 'scratch' and won't release it until 'it's perfect'. 

It may be recalled that Google has brought in Tony Fadell from Nest - a home automation company Google bought in 2014 - to lead the team, replacing previous boss Ivy Ross.

So now we wait and see as to what shape the new glass will take and how it would be better than the present version, which Google dubbed that the first set of several thousand Glass users as 'Explorers.' 

See how the previous version of Google glass worked:

Read more about it at: Daily Mail

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