Friday, February 6, 2015

Bacteria Warning: Clean your mobile phone daily - wash bra every two wears

Cellphone should be cleaned daily with antibacterial wipes

Bacteria is something that we do not see but it is there everywhere around us, on us or even with us - all the times.

The worst place where bacteria can be found is our cell phone. A research has found we touch our phones up to 150 times a day, and scientists in America discovered 7,000 types of bacteria on 51 phone samples. While most are harmless, some are not.

‘Enterococcus [found in faeces] and pseudomonas bacteria [animals and soil], both of which cause nasty pathogenic infections, have been discovered on phones. Phones with keypads are worse, as they have crevices. Clean yours every day with antibacterial wipes, or as often as you can.’

But that is not all. Bacteria can be found on swaty sheets, buggy pillows, mouldy beds, delicate denim, dirty dogs, tea towels, purses and handbags.

And there is one thing more - the mucky bras. ‘The crease in bust and the area under arms are hot, sweaty environments. Cleaning after every two wears, possibly three, is ideal,’ says Kelly Dunmore, lingerie expert for Rigby & Peller. And advises hand washing rather than machine washing the bras.

Watch video as how to wash your bras:

So do clean your cell phones and purses while keeping your clothes/sheets and towels washed every odd day or at least once a week. But bras not more than two days.

Read more about details at: Daily Mail

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