Thursday, February 5, 2015

Olympus' new mirror-less camera with a '40-megapixel High-Resolution Shot' capability

Although Olympus has introduced its first mirror less camera E-M5 a while ago, the latest E-M5 Mk II is one of its own class.

In its latest model, Olympus improved the 16-megapixel Live-MOS Micro Four Thirds image sensor with 10 frames per second (fps) continuous shooting in RAW quality with single auto-focus and 5 fps with continuous auto-focus. 

The beloved five-axis in-body image stabilization also means you can shoot at quarter-second shutter speed without getting much motion blur, reports Mashable.

But wait - the best is yet to come: 

The E-M5 Mark II's marquee feature is its "40-megapixel High-Resolution Shot" mode; it shoots eight sequential pics and then stitches them together for a final 40-megapixel shot. It does this by moving the actual image sensor 0.5-pixel steps between each shot. Olympus says it takes one second to shoot the eight shots and two seconds to stitch them together.

Read more at Mashable to know Olympus' latest mirror less camera E-M5 Mk II

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