Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hacking Alert!! Beware Android Smart-watches users

Are you using Android based smartwatch? Well if you do, you need to read this as experts on hacking believe that hackers' best target would be to hack your smartwatch that may make your smartwatch tipsy.

Experts believe that the Android based watches can be infiltrated and that it is very easy for the hackers to read message sent to a smart watch using the Android operating system (OS). It is believed that the six digit pin code of Android can be easily hacked or what they say ‘bruteforced.’ 

Using a Nexus 4 Android device equipped with Android L Developer Preview and Samsung Gear Live, experts believe that because the Android Wear obfuscation relies on a pin code of only six digits during the initial pairing, an attacker wouldn't take long to brute-force number and start reading your conversations in plain-text.

this means an attacker would have to be fairly near the victim and log all intercepted Bluetooth data packets, but the large-scale adoption of such an exploit could be fueled by the increasing number of smart-watches or smart-bands. 

So if you use a smartwatch using Android OS beware of the threat and read more about it lest you are hit unknowingly.

Read more about it at: Daily Mail

Photo: LG Electronics/Daily Mail

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