Sunday, May 25, 2014

Apple-Samsung Battle Continues – Apple requests retrial while accusing Samsung for copying iPhone

Apple iPhone 3G on left, Samsung Galaxy S on right

The apple-Samsung battle seems never ending as one battle leads to another and neither of the two seem to be letting it go in favour of the other.

Not satisfied even with the court order of a payout of $119.6 million by Samsung, Apple has now sought to really stick the boot in by demanding even more than the $2.2 billion it originally wanted – it’s now asking the courts to force Samsung to hand over $3.2 billion plus $6.4 billion in interest. 

However, Judge Koh is hardly going to order a new trial for those reasons. She may make some minor adjustments to the verdict, and then she'll let the parties appeal the unfavorable parts of the ruling to the Federal Circuit. Thereafter, there may be a retrial -- but in the meantime the parties will probably settle because this litigation has become a waste of resources.

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