Wednesday, February 5, 2014

World's Smallest Gun - That fires with extreme accuracy

Technology knows no bounds - nor does human innovations. We have seen many tiny devices used by spies and even seen in the 007 James Bond movies. And some of us just laugh these out for being camera tricks or specific to films only.

But what would you say when you come across a miniature brass made cannon that is so tiny that i rests on quarter of your palm - but still fires a hole in your computer screen or blast away a glass bottle. 

Well I did not believe it too - but when I watched the video - I was convinced of its actuality and existence. Watch the video below and you would be stunned to and believe the extent to which human mind can go to make such 'weapons of mass destruction'!!

This is just a model - but in future it can be developed with deadly munition which may destroy a tank or drill a hole in the wall - or in victim's head......

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