Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Invisible Speakers that will 'Disappear' in the Surroundings

Like many gadgets, the speakers too have come a long way from big wooden boxes to tiny little cubes. 

But now technology has made it possible to make the speakers invisible as if poof by Aladdin's lamp genie.

Scroll down for video

The invisible speakers have been developed by a U.S. firm which are made an ultra-thin clear acrylic and are alternative to embedding speakers into walls and does not require DIY skills either. Rather these speakers simply 'disappear' in their surroundings since the main bulk of the speaker is completely transparent as seen in the photo above.

The speakers have been developed by ClearView Audio, Boston, Massachusetts, and are likely to cost $350 (£215).

Watch the video below and brace yourself for this novel innovation soon to find its way on to the market shelves.

The speaker weighs 900 grams and is approximately nine inches tall (23cm) and 12 inches (30cm) wide. 

It will go on sale next month in three base colours - dark bronze, silver or charcoal. The first deliveries are expected to be shipped in May - including to the UK - and can be ordered from the company's website.


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