Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Intel Edison - The SD Card Sized Computer - a step towards 'Wearable' technology

Few would remember how inside of radios once looked like - the big tubes and lot of wires connecting each other. Once switched on, these took 1-2 minutes before the loudspeaker would start playing your favourite tunes or songs. 

That was the 50s - then transistor came and from then on there was no limit of miniaturisation as chip and micro chip came in. 

But would you now believe you can have an entire computed embodied in an SD card sized thing?

Intel Edison - An SD Card Sized Computer - a step towards 'Wearable' technology

Well don'e be surprised as Intel’s recently announced its Edison: a "full Pentium-class PC" that’s the size of a standard SD card at CES 2014 at Las Vegas.

The announcement was made by Intel’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Krzanich, outlining the finer details and technical specifications of the mind-blowing Edison. The innovative little computer is based on Intel's 22nm transistor technology and has a dual-core Quark processor that powers the Linux operating system. And comes with built-in wireless networking and Bluetooth connectivity.

The innovation by Intel in the shape of Edison is a step towards the 'wearable' technology when in future your wrist watch will be a complete computer beside telling you the time and acting as a smartphone.

So let us from now look for miniature things creeping into our lives - making laptops, PCs and even tablets redundant in coming years.


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