Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Breakthrough for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Nature has gifted us many a blessings which we do not count on unless one or more are taken away or these can be best acknowledged by those who are not gifted like many of us since their childhood.

Of many blessings, hearing is one. Those who are deaf by birth or have a impaired hearing, are the worst hit like those who are blind or have an impaired vision.

Remember the Fifth Symphony created by deaf music maestro Beethoven  He arranged this great composition by sitting at the top of hill and seeing the clouds thundering with lightning. He made use of his eye sight to overcome his deafness.

Now technology has come to help the deaf and the hearing impaired with something that can let them listen to the music and sound.

We now have a device, called the Woojer, specially designed for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired that allows its wearer to feel what they're listening to on their mobile devices.

All they need to do is, plug an input into one end and headphones into the other. The Woojer clips onto the body and by playing all the frequencies below 500Hz it vibrates along with whatever input one is connected to. By clipping one unit onto the chest, the vibration of the hardware is enough to fool the brain into thinking that body is being impacted by the sounds of the input device.

The Woojer is as small as a matchbox and is compatible to any headset and any audio source. It works with high-end and entry level headsets alike.

So if you are deaf or hearing impaired, rest assured there are people out there working and researching to improve your hearing and let you enjoy the sounds of Nature and music or the giggle of your newly born baby.


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