Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Start Menu Returning to Windows 8.2

Well finally it is going to be there - a Windows 7-style Start menu to what is being called Windows 8.2. 

There are people who do not know why there is so much fuss and 'requirement' of a start button or menu as users have started to get along with new versions of Windows after its version 7.

But for many others who do need a start menu, the good news are that Windows 8.2 will have a start menu.

And that is not all. The new version of Windows will have the ability of Windows 8 or “Metro” apps to run on the desktop itself.

Having said that, Microsoft has yet to confirm the report, and given that Windows 8.2 “Threshold” is being bandied about as a early 2015 release, there’s certainly time for Microsoft to cancel its decision (or redesign a Start menu several times).

So we should be happy from the heresay and wait what really comes about when 8.2 version is launched.

There's more coming, and some things still up in the air of course - so let us wait and see what more Windows 8.2 will have. 

via PC World

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