Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Amazing Tech Innovations of Yester Years

We live in a very gadget friendly world today - gadgets that make our life so comfortable. We have mobile phones and are in contact with our near and dear ones even when out of home and roaming in streets or out there in the wilderness camping. We have remote control gadgets at home and that remotely-controlled garage door that we can open right from within the car without getting out, specially when it is raining.

There is dearth of gadgets that make our life smooth and easy. But imagine a world some five-six decades ago when technology was still in its formatting years. But even then, there were innovators and men with a vision who laid the foundation of many of today's gadgets in an environment when there were literally no resources to make things.

Herein under are some of the most amazing and mind boggling gadgets and innovations which were developed decades ago - some which can be correlated with things that we find so simple today. This is how our present was formatted many years from now in the past:

Hat mounted Radio (1931) - now we have smartphones with radio apps and we can listen to our favourite music with 'head-phones' while going shopping just like the following hat mounted radio wearer did some 80 years ago.

Amphibious Bicycle (1932) - Perhaps this was the invention which gave birth to hovercraft afterwards. This Amphibious Bicycle could Be Used On Land And In Water decades ago from now. I wonder why this useful invention was not further developed so that people could still 'ride' on water...

All Terrain Vehicle (1931) 

One-Wheeled Motorcycle:
The following photo today looks an artist vision of the past:
But do not be surprised that back in 1931, Single Wheel Motorcycle had already been invented: 

The WW-II and the fears of gas attacks gave birth to a Gas Attack Proof Baby Stroller in 1938 - I do not whether this was instantly adopted or not, but anyone who designed and invented it had the ready made solution to prevent children from the gas attack while the mother was already protecting herself with a gas mask.

Well this is not all. We have some more - and do see the last one:

Face Cones Designed To Protect From Snow Storms And Blizzards (1939)

Long cars are the common sight when celebrities move today:
But we already had Extending RV back in 1934: 

Portable and Extendible Bridge (1926) 

Ice Cube Mask Designed To Cure Hangovers (1947) 

And this invention was really interesting -  Revolver that could take a Picture "Right Before A Shot was Fired" developed in 1938. Something that James Bond possesses these days.

Well these are just ten of many such photos I found HERE - so why not go and explore more inventions that laid the future guidelines for our present.

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