Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'Smart Wheel' that may change the concept of cycling

The wonder 'Smart Wheel'

Cycling is one of the most used mode of transportation around the world since its invention centuries ago.

But the present day cycle has not changed much since it was first invented. And the cyclists face difficulty in negotiating steep ascends as it requires extra power.

Although there have been efforts to make cycle power operated, but none has really changed the basic concept. Electric bikes, which have motors attached to them, were meant to solve some of those problems, but often end up being prohibitively expensive. Some e-bike lines’ most basic models start above $1200, and can easily surpass $2000.

But not any more - FlyKly has come up with a concept cycle which has a 'Smart Wheel' to help change the very basic concept of cycling.

So what is this smart wheel? The Smart Wheel by FlyKly Bikes is a motorized bike wheel that can fit on almost any bike, instantly turning a regular bike into an electric one, opening up the options of who can bike commute, where, how far and in what terrain.

Self contained battery powered motor that keeps the bike running 20 miles per hour for as far as 30 miles on one charge

The wheel hub has a self-contained, battery-powered motor that can propel a bike at speeds as high as 20 miles per hour for as far as 30 miles on one charge. The wheel recharges itself when coasting downhill.

Why call it smart wheel? Does it have anything to do with the smartphone? Well yes in a way. The device earns its “Smart” moniker by being operated completely through one’s smartphone, which stays put on a handlebar mount (that also serves as a bike light and a phone charger) and connects to the wheel through Bluetooth. The FlyKly app monitors speed, distance, time travelled, location and route.

Before setting out on a ride, the cyclist sets the maximum speed at which they want to travel through the app. The wheel senses when the rider starts pedalling and adjusts speed accordingly. FlyKly says the app is also able to learn the rider’s cycling habits and routines and suggest “faster, safer, and more fun routes to take.”

The wheel can be locked via the app, and if the bike starts to move when the phone is not nearby, the app sends a message alerting its owner to a possible theft.

Source - watch the video here

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