Sunday, August 11, 2013

iPhone Combustion Causes Eye Injury to Woman in China

Exploding of cell phone batteries has almost become a daily news headlines.

While there have been incidents involving Galaxy S4, here is something about Apple's iPhone exploding in China what has caused eye injuries to its female user.

Exploded iPhone that injured its user's eye

According to a report from China, it seems that one Chinese woman has suffered an eye injury as the result of her iPhone exploding and shooting debris into her eye. Li, the owner of the phone states that she felt her phone get warm after talking on it for 40 minutes, which we guess is somewhat normal, but when she tried to end the call by tapping on the screen, the device combusted and sent debris into her eye.

Reportedly, she could not open her eyes and her colleagues had to rush her to a hospital where the doctor found her eyeball to be red and inflamed, with a scratch mark where the debris had presumably hit it. Thankfully it wasn't too serious.

Apple representatives have stated that they are investigating the matter.


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