Sunday, August 11, 2013

Apple 'likely' to unveil new iPhone 5S on 10 Septemeber

Do you remember the epic movie Come September of Rock Hudson? Well that was long ago - but this September, there is something else which is likely to make headlines - Apple's new iPhone.

Yes it has been reported that Apple's new iPhone 5S is likely to be unveiled on 10 September - a phone dubbed as Apple's low cost solution to reach out to the ordinary.

Indicated updates on the iPhone 5S include sensor which can identify the owner by his or her fingerprints.

Photographs have already been leaked of a smartphone dubbed ‘5C’, supposedly intended as a cheaper version of the popular iPhone, with a plastic case.

Rumoured updates on the new iPhone 5S include an slow-motion camera and a fingerprint sensor since a string of code in the latest release of its latest iOS7 Software implied a scanner function.

So let us wait for any official indication from Apple about its forth coming low cost phone which it seems just weeks away from launch.


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