Monday, July 1, 2013

Jailbreak Alert: iOS 7 Beta Reportedly Been Jailbroken

It was claimed by Apple that its iOS 7 is not prone to jailbreaks. But there claims contrary to Apple's!!

A screen shot that appeared on Twitter by seasoned developer Ryan Petrich suggests the road to a jailbreak on iOS 7 may not be so treacherous.

No details were associated with his screen cap posted on Twitter Sunday 30 June 2013 of jailbroken iOS 7 beta running on iPod touch 5, but even at this very early stage, things do look very promising indeed.

So, while information is at a premium at the moment, the take-home from this is that iOS 7 is jailbreakable, at least in its current form. With Apple set to reel off several betas between now and the Fall release of iOS 7, this could well change, but provided Petrich and those with access to this jailbreak keep things under wraps for now, it would seem unlikely that Apple would be able to source and subsequently patch the exploits used.

With Apple having essentially nullified some of the major tweaks with new implementations to iOS 7, one has to wonder whether the demand for a jailbreak will be as high as before, reports Redmond Pie.

We wait and see if something more on this new and latest development is made available.

via Redmond Pie | Source: Twitter

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