Thursday, July 4, 2013

Is Apple planning a 5.7 inch iPhone?

Is Apple planning a 5.7 inch iPhone?

There is recently a trend of large screen smartphones of 5 inches and beyond. Samsung's latest Galaxy S4 has a full 5-inch HD display while the forthcoming Samsung Mega is likely to go beyond 5" to 6.3 inches.

The large screen smartphones have really benefitted Samsung which boasts of 20 millions pieces of Galaxy S4 sold just in two months of its launch since 23 April this year.

This definitely has an impact on Apple which still sticking to its iPhones with 4" screens and there are now news for any quantum jump in Apple's screen size.

However, now there are rumors and speculations that Apple may be coming out with a cinemascope display of 5.7". Could the launch of iPhone 5S on 10th September be with a 5.7" display?

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