Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to Free Up Space On iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreaking

Those of us who own a iPhone or iPad are often intrigued by the paucity of storage space for adding new apps and files. Even it is frustrating to note that the files you thought were deleted, caches, offline files, cookies and temporary files could be clogging up your system.

So what to do? How to make space on your Apple gadget without any Jailbreaking?

Well there is a way: PhoneClean is a utility that may come handy in creating space on your gadget by deleting unwanted and hidden files no longer required – some of which unknown to us that exit.

PhoneClean is window-only application that comes absolutely free. Compatible with Windows XP or newer, it’s only 3.5 MB in size, and once you give it a whirl, its creators promise “your iPhone will run faster and more smoothly,” says Ben Reid at Redmond Pie.

However, there is a caution here: If you use PhoneClean for your cleaning up needs, you may lose certain features you’ve become reliant on. For example, if you use your device for browsing, and want to maintain your saved searches, cookies etc., then please bear this in mind before running PhoneClean.

PhoneClean for Windows can be downloaded from here.

via Redmond Pie

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