Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Enable Hotspot Tethering On iOS 6 & 7 for Free (No Jailbreak Required)

Are you having a device that is a GSM carrier based on T-Mobile or AT&T? Well if you have such device, you are lucky one since you can now enable Hotspot Tethering on iOS 6 & 7 without the hassle of jailbreaking for FREE.

The following guide has been obtained with courtesy of iTweakiOS, and has been tested by them on above said carriers.

If you want to enable Hotspot tethering on iOS 6 or 7, you may follow the following steps to do so with jailbreaking. However, please be aiTweakiOS. If you have any queries how to go about it, you may directly ask iTweakiOS for details. Silicon Buzzard is in no way responsible for anything going wrong during the process.
dvised that Silicon Buzzard has not tested this procedure and is only replicating the procedure given by

Having been duly cautioned, you may proceed as under:

Step 1: Download a program called iBackupBot for Windows or Mac as the case may be.

Step 2: Open iTunes and create a backup of your device. Take note of the date and time it was created.

Step 3: Minimize iTunes and open iBackupBot. if you get any errors while loading the program, just click cancel, continue, and or ignore.

Step 4: Once the program is open, you should see a list of all of the backups that are beings stored in your iTunes library. Find the most recent one (the one you just created) and click the plus symbol. This will display a few different selections. Example below.

Step 5: Navigate to System Files > SystemPreferencesDomain > SystemConfiguration and right click the file named preferences.plist then click "Open with Built-In Editor" which will display the lines of code we will be working with.

Step 6: Once the file is opened, scroll down till you find the tethering APN associated with your carrier. If you don't know what it is, look for APNs with "type-masks" that are 16 bit or 48 bit. You can also google your carrier's tethering APN. Make sure to to also erase these lines of coding in the tethering APN field:
For CDMA carriers, they may be referred to as DUN APNs. Once you have located the tethering APN, change it to the regular data APN your device uses to access the web. An example of a tethering APN on T-Mobile is provided below. The APN pcweb.tmobile.com would be changed to either fast.t-mobile.com or epc.tmobile.com, depending on your APN preference.

Step 7: Once you have changed the APN, save the altered file and close iBackupBot.

Step 8: Open iTunes again and choose the "Restore From Backup" option while holding the shift key in Windows and the "Option" key in Mac. Select the update that corresponds to the backup you created and modified and click "Restore" once you've found it. The device will boot up and tethering should now be enabled.


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