Friday, July 12, 2013

Has Samsung Invented Gear Hinge for Future Twin-Display Devices?

Samsung, the Korean smartphone giant has been very active recently to surprise its users as well as comeptitors, specially Apple, by coming up with ideas and innovations for its future gadgets and devices.

Already iits flexible scree diisplay has surprised many and even some competitors are reprortedly busy in overtaking Samsung in coming up with a real model with flexible screen.

But what could be a bombshell by Samung would be its new Gear Hinge for a future twin-display device, for which it has already applied for a patent as reported by Patent Bolt.

In September 2011, Samsung's first patent regarding a dual display smartphone was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office

In fact Patent Bolt had appriised its viewers about Samsung's 'killer smartphone' with twin display by applying for a patent regisetration a little over a year now.

However, despite a year's lapse, not much developement has been reported as such devices may have twofold snags associated with these:
Firstly, the dual displays in this kind of smartphone have to be thin enough so as to not appear bulky or heavy. 
Secondly, the spine hinge of such a device has to be just right so that the book-like device could open and close smoothly at all times. A new Samsung patent published  by the US Patent and Trademark Office recently, once again illustrates that they're still hard at work at advancing this all-important hinge. 
Stay tuned for more on it!!

via Patent Bolt
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