Friday, July 12, 2013

NSA Can also Access your Skype Audio-Video Calls

While much has been saiid about NSA and its tapping millions of e-mail traffic around the word, one should be careful using Skype as it has been reported that NSA also has the abiliity to monitor Skype audiio and video calls.

The news has been leaked by none other than Edward Snowden, the man who blew the whistle on NSA’s top secret PRISM program, in leaked documents to The Guardian. The publication says in a new report that the documents reveal that NSA is able to tap in to audio and video calls made through Skype, it is alleged that Microsoft has closely worked with the agency to provide it this level of access.

It is alleged that Microsoft has been helping NSA to circumvent its encryption which could have posed problems for the agency if it wanted to intercept web chats on NSA is also said to have “pre-encryption stage” access to email on Hotmail as well as

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